LifeSpan ePTFE Vascular Grafts

LifeSpan ePTFE Vascular Grafts for peripheral vascular reconstructions and AV Access have been used in clinical practice for more than 15 years. It features soft ePTFE material with superb suture retention, high burst strength and excellent handling. 

LifeSpan Grafts for Peripheral Vascular Procedures
Offering regular and thin wall options for reconstructions, the external spiral support can be removed, facilitating an easy creation of the anastomosis to the vessel. Models with full or partial spiral support are recommended for extra-anatomic surgical reconstruction and those requiring enhanced resistance to kinking and compression. 

LifeSpan Grafts for AV Access
Offering various sizes, the robust standard wall thickness makes it an ideal implant. Center spiral grafts are recommended for procedures requiring enhanced resistance to kinking and compression. Stepped and Quick Tapered models have been designed to reduce the risk of steal syndrome and high cardiac output.

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