About Us

In the year 2003, Mr. S.M. Kamaluddin had a vision of providing patient comfort and ease of use to physicians by bringing high-quality medical innovations to India. This is when the company began working on the motto, "Sharing the best", and has been doing so since 2003. Currently, the company is successfully bridging the gap by supplying medical innovations which focus on patient comfort and product quality. We are a company established in the year 2003 with experience in Sales and Marketing of Health Care Disposables. Alka has been a leader in the domestic market for last 20 years, specializing in the medical and surgical field. We have full knowledge of domestic markets and imports of medical products in India. Alka represents some of the leading companies in India on exclusive basis and also represents many manufacturers from U.S., U.K., Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

ALKA office


1. Top quality products at reasonable prices.
2. Providing innovative products.
3. Sourcing products to meet future needs.
4. Enhancing the quality of products & promising high standard of service.
5. Greater vision & planning for future generation of products.
6. Long lasting partnerships with all customers.

YTEL is our Registered Brand in India

Alka is a market Leader in Healthcare and Surgical Disposables. We have experience more than 20 Years in Trading, Import / Mfg of Medical Consumable and Surgical Products.

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